25 Essential Homesteading Tools & Equipment (Ultimate List)

If you want your homestead to be a success, you’ll want to have these essential tools and equipment to help you follow through.

If you own a homestead, then I’m sure at some point you’ve attempted a project and thought to yourself, “I’ll have to wait; I don’t have the tool for this job.”

I’ve been there too, so to prevent this from happening at the worst timing, I’ve created an in-depth list of essential tools and equipment that I believe every homesteader should have.

Some tools can be used to build, such as nail guns and tools used for repairs. Plus, there is equipment that can make specific projects significantly easier vs. not having them. 

If you want to learn about a few incredibly unique items, then keep on reading; I’m going to cover a solar oven, canning kit, and more.

I’m also going to provide a list of twenty-five items that are great to possess for any homesteader. Let’s dive into it and see which are the most critical.

25 Most Useful Tools & Equipment

1: Hammer

A hammer will likely become one of the most used tools on your homestead. Whether it be building a new project, repairing livestock pens, or knocking frozen equipment loose, a hammer is going to become your best friend.

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2: Nail Gun

If you ever have a project that requires an immense amount of nails, then a nail gun is undoubtedly going to be a lifesaver. There is a reason why they’re commonly used among roofers; they’re fast, easy, and save on arm fatigue.

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3: Air-Compressor

If you opt to use a nail gun or other tools that need air, then you’ll need an air compressor. Air compressors can be used for other purposes like pumping up flat tires or sandblasting. It can also be used to furnish air for spray painting.

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4: Lawn Mower

If your property is flat, then a lawnmower is undoubtedly going to be needed, unless your goats take care of grass maintenance for you. There are lawn mowers specifically designed with irregular terrains as well. Riding mowers can be used to haul around firewood and other supplies, making them great to have around the homestead.

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5: Knife Sharpening Tool

You’re more than likely to be using a knife more than you think, so having a quality knife sharpener is critical. Processing livestock can dull a blade very quickly, so make sure to have both a knife sharpening steel and stone. I’d invest in a stainless steel knife, but the type depends on the purpose, I suppose.

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6: Canning Kit

Since the point of a homestead is to be self-sufficient, you will be preserving various foods. To do this effectively, a canning kit is a worthwhile investment, which will significantly increase shelf life.

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7: Tiller

If you have a garden that isn’t large enough for a tractor yet too large to till by hand, then a gas-powered tiller would be an excellent addition. This will save you time and energy, plus possibly provide better-tilling results vs. manual tilling.

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8: Machete

There is probably always going to be something you don’t like or would like to be cleared out. Machetes are one of the most valuable tools possible; it’ll help you maintain your property to keep it beautiful. I’ve used mine for clearing trails, thickets, and in some cases, cut small trees down.

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9: Chainsaw

A machete isn’t always going to cut it (pun intended), so you’ll need something with a little more capability. A chainsaw is an excellent investment, as no matter what size of a tree needs to be taken down, it should prove easy, unless it’s a Redwood, of course.

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10: Food Dehydrator

I couldn’t imagine not having a food dehydrator; it’s probably one of the most useful items for any homestead. It’ll allow you to dehydrate meat, vegetables, and much more. This also lengthens the shelf life by a massive amount.

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11: Meat Saw

If you’re going to be processing much livestock, then a meat saw is essential to have. It’ll help you move much faster and get more work done, providing cleaner cuts. They’re typically easy to use after getting the hang of it.

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12: Socket Kit

If you want to preserve your equipment long-term, then you’ll need a socket set to do any repairs that will inevitably need to be done. There are several socket sets to choose from, but choose one that’s high quality.

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13: Hatchet

Similar to the machete and chainsaw, a hatchet is just as important. Hatchets are great for many things, but in particular, splitting wood, as long as it’s long enough. It can also be utilized to cut down smaller trees as well.

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14: Rakes

This is a must-have for all homesteaders because not only do you want to keep your homestead tidy, it’ll help keep the livestock pens clean. I’d get one square end rake, as they tend to hold up longer.

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15: Solar Oven

If you aspire to take advantage of our sun, then a solar oven is the way to go. It uses ultraviolet rays, which leads to the interior of the oven heating up to cook the food inside. They’re not the best way to cook, but if you’re in a pinch with fuel or electricity, they’re great.

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16: Tape Measure

You probably didn’t see this coming as it’s so obvious, but you should also have a tape measure. It’ll help you measure any projects you build; this way, everything is precisely placed together correctly.

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17: Barrels

A barrel has several uses, but one which may come as a surprise is using them as a composting bin. You could also use them as a small beehive or even a mini garden for the kids if split in half.

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18: Firearm

This should go without saying, but a firearm is a must-have of any homestead. I’d recommend at least a shotgun, but if possible, a pistol and rifle as well. They will help defend you and your property and perhaps take down some wildlife to put food on the table.

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19: Tractor

If you can implement it in your budget, a tractor can make a challenging project seem like a piece of cake. Whether it is bush hogging, discing, grading roads, or hauling firewood, a tractor can provide help in several ways.

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20: Solar Panels

If you own a homestead and want to have power access, then solar panels are by far the best way to do this. They’re not outrageously expensive, it’ll save you a ton of money in the long run, and you’ll still be off-grid.

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21: Rope

It may be a simplistic item, but rope has an endless amount of uses on a homestead. It can be used to guide livestock, secure property, drag trees that were cut down, and much more. Synthetic rope is an excellent choice, as it’s stable and long-lasting.

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22: Dolly

If you’re a lone wolf or perhaps don’t have a few strong hands available to help move heavy equipment around, a dolly is a lifesaver. It can assist in moving a generator, bricks, and other super-heavy items.

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23: Extension Cord

If you have a power source on your homestead, you probably have more than a few power tools, and I bet you’ll end up needing them away from home. This is why I highly recommend investing in a quality extension cord.

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24: Generator

Even if you have solar panels, windmills, or battery banks, a generator is an excellent addition to not only a homestead but to any property. It’s the ultimate power backup for when things get rough.

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25: Guard Dogs

After buying all of those tools and equipment, you’ll need something to protect it from thieves. A large guard dog such as the Caucasian Shepherd, Kangal, or Rottweiler is just three excellent guard dogs that will make most thieves think twice.

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Keeping The Equipment Safe

Locked Shed 

I’d recommend that everyone get some type of shed that has no windows and a very sturdy door, this way any locks which are placed protect from thieves getting inside. 

I, too often, hear of sheds getting broken into which are made of thin aluminum, that could easily be broken into by simply smashing into the side with a hammer. 

To avoid this, find a shed built with solid wood, no windows, and a wooden roof. It may not provide 100% protection, but it’ll help slow down thieves from taking your tools.

Security Cameras 

This is something I’ve recently become interested in, and it’s already paid off on my property. 

There are several security cameras; some of them record 24/7, and others only record when motion is detected. 

Be careful with what type you buy, though, as some of them record locally. Try to get one that uploads the video to a cloud server; if a burglar steals the camera too, the video is still in the cloud.

GPS Devices

GPS tracking devices are excellent for recovering any stolen equipment, as they can be placed on just about anything. 

They’re typically super small in size, and work by GPS and internet connection, most often 3G or LTE. These are best placed on tractors, generators, and lawnmowers, among other larger equipment. 

The plans are usually very cheap, so no worries there; you’ll just need to charge the device every week or so.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What If I’ve Never Used This Equipment?

If you’re going to opt for equipment such as a tractor, I see why you may be concerned about not knowing how to operate one. 

Think of a tractor as a stick shift car; that’s basically how they operate. Tractors have add ons such as bush hogs and disc, but these are easily attached by backing up and connecting them. 

Most tractors have straightforward controls that control the add ons, so after a few days of trying; you’ll get the hang of it. Luckily, it’s not nearly as difficult as you may think. 

Which Firearm Is Best?

If you want a firearm for self-defense, then a shotgun, pistol, or AR would be best, as these all can afflict severe damage.

However, if you want a firearm that can be used for hunting medium to larger game, then a 30-06, 30-30, or AR-15 would suit you best.

They each have their uses, but they’re all great weapons. To understand your local laws better, contact your local city hall.

How Can I Get the Internet?

Some security cameras require the internet, and even if you do not get a security system, it’s still nice to have, so I’m going to suggest three ways to get internet.

The first and best way is by using satellite internet, it’s very reliable, plenty fast enough, and can be placed anywhere, plus, it’s often unlimited.

Cellular data is the next best option, which can be sourced via smartphone or mobile hotspot. This can get pricey, but it’s best if you only need the internet on rare occasions.


If you want your homestead to be a success, you’re going to need a few tools to help with projects around the property. 

I’d suggest that, at the very least, you get a firearm, security camera, and a shed to start with to protect all of the tools and equipment. 

The others are also necessary but are at self discretion. I’d highly recommend the tractor as well, which is just as useful even if it’s small.

Lastly, the solar panels are excellent for any homestead, as it can be used to power your homestead and the same tools and equipment used to maintain it.

I hope you’ve learned of a few neat tools that you may not have been familiar with!

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