The Story of

The mission of, an educational website about homsteading, is to create public awareness, provide accurate information and expertise to assist people in building their own homstead, garden, and more.

The Visionaries

Originally, Earthineer used to be the world’s largest dedicated community for homesteaders. The original Earthineer was founded 2007. Since then thousands of people have learned about homesteading (when homesteading was not as popular as it is today).

Here is what the press said about Earthineer:

  • New Pioneer Magazine: “Meet Earthineer, the social site for grass-roots style self sufficiency!”
  • Backwoods Home Magazine: “A Facebook for farmers, but way more useful”
  • 89.7 WNKU: “ is a hit at Mother Earth News Fair”
  • “Earthineer is one part Facebook, one part Craig’s List classified bartering, one part eco-blog, and wholly dedicated to the social network of sustainable living”
  • Claire Wolfe: “What Facebook could have been if Mark Zuckerberg had actually considered making Facebook useful and interesting”
  • Soapbox Media: “ social networking site brings sustainable-living minded people together”

The New Earthineer

Currently, the website as it stands has had a change in ownership. Our mission remains the same as the original visionaries: educate individuals about homesteading.

The days of traditional everyday life are no longer mainstream, but it’s still just as important as ever.  If you have a growing interest in homesteading, then you’ve found a website built just for you. We believe that homesteading is a very underrated lifestyle, which, unsurprisingly, is growing in popularity unlike ever before.  

We’ve gathered experts from all around to compile and share some of the best information out there; this way, learning how to homestead is fun and easy.

Earthineer believes having a deep understanding of off-grid and homestead living is critical because it grows you as a person in every aspect.

Meet our Management Team

Brian Rucker, Homesteader

bryan rucker

Hey! This is Brian, the editor of this website.

I grew up a few hours out of town, attended a school that consisted of less than seventy-five children, and my doctor was a stone skips away from the county line. 

I lived in a small, tight-knit community, which taught me several things about traditionalism. The area I lived in, more specifically, the property, consisted of over a thousand acres. 

I spent multiple months each year hunting and fishing, and the other months consisted of preparing the food plots. My home did not have standard luxuries, such as water and electricity.

This came much later, notably when the power company agreed to run lines that far out of town. I learned so much, not by curiosity, but by necessity.

I’ve had just about every animal you could imagine, from goats to chickens, ostriches, and peafowl, to name a few.

It was an off-grid lifestyle, but once the livestock came into the picture, in reality, it was a full-blown homestead. 

Since then, I spend the majority of my time learning new things to improve my understanding, so I can not only exclusively help myself but help guide others into this exceptional lifestyle.

Bryan Lynch, Homesteader + Author

Bryan grew up in the Midwest and spent every waking moment outdoors. Learning how to hunt, fish, read the land, and be self-reliant was part of everyday life. Eventually, he combined his passions for the outdoors, emergency preparedness, and writing. His goal was to spread positive information about this field.

Recently, Bryan authored the book Swiss Army Knife Camping and Outdoor Survival Guide and Paracord Projects For Camping and Outdoor Survival: Practical and Essential Uses for the Ultimate Tool in Your Pack which is scheduled to be released March 2, 2021

Our Opinion on Why Homesteading Is Important


The number one positive that is achieved by homesteading is that you become self-sufficient. 

You no longer rely on other people to provide the water, food, and electricity you’ll consume every day. 

You’ll learn how to preserve food, store water, raise goats, turkeys, and more.

Survivalist Skills

Homesteading requires practically all aspects to be managed by the owner, including sourcing for electricity, water, and food. 

This may entail raising livestock, gardening, and more. You are the butcher; you are the electrician; you are the plumber. 

Instead of phoning others to fix your problems, you can rely on yourself; it’s incredible.


In today’s world, it seems the unexpected has surfaced into commonality, raising the flag for a potentially devastating, disastrous scenario. 

Preparedness is critical because it increases our chances of surviving if SHTF. 

Homesteading will teach you the ins and outs of this idea, making you much more likely to be prepared for anything that hits you.

Endless Freedom 

If you’ve never lived on a homestead, it can be hard to imagine what true freedom looks like. 

Homesteading gives you full power over the quality of food you eat, how you make money, and an extraordinary place to raise a family. 

If you want to have a few horses, this is entirely doable and recommended; it’s your little world.

It’s Rewarding

My favorite part about homesteading is that it’s very rewarding if you want it to be. 

You’d be hard-pressed at finding anything else better than picking fresh crops that you’ve worked hard all year to grow. 

Raising livestock is a blessing in itself, too, as with gardening, raising a baby calf into a birthing mother is unbeatable and extremely rewarding.


The idea of homesteading is to sacrifice the grid and reliance on others and trade it for a self-sufficient lifestyle. 

You’ll build your homestead, grow a garden and feast from it, raise livestock into healthy adults, and process your food. 

You’ll source electricity from solar and water from rainfall. 

The point is that you become what you weren’t, a self-sufficient individual without the need of others to spoon-feed you the luxuries amid the grid. 

I’d suggest that everyone at least give it a try; you won’t regret it, and you’ll be self-sufficient.