Stromberg Carlson Stake and Grill Review

Over the last year, I have been on the lookout for a new cooking grill. And no, I do not mean a propane grill or even a charcoal grill. I was looking for a grill grate system that I could use over an outdoor fire pit. 

I have used various outdoor grills in the past but this year I was looking for something a little more substantial. After discussing it with friends and conducting a little bit of research I decided on an adjustable grill and stake set offered by Stromberg Carlson.

I am going to go ahead and get some of the product information out of the way first because I am excited to share my experience with this grill.   

Features and Specs 


The grill measures 15” W x 22” L and the accompanying stake is 0.6” in diameter and 36” long. 


The grill and stake together weigh a total of ten pounds.


The grill is chrome finished making it easy to clean after use. 

Right out of the Box 

From the research I did about this product, I had a good idea of its size. However, I was still surprised by its size and weight when it arrived. 

It comes in a pretty big box and after opening it, I removed the stake and grill which were stowed away in a nylon carrying case. I will talk about the carrying case a bit more later.

The stake and grill combined weigh ten pounds so I do not think this is something you are going to want to haul around on long hikes. But it is certainly packable to transport in a vehicle for camping trips. 

I will most likely use the grill on a trip down the road, but I bought it to primarily use over the firepit in my backyard. So, for the time being, the weight is not an issue. 

Setting the grill up is extremely easy because it only consists of two pieces. 

Step one, pound the stake into the ground. Step two, slide the grill onto the stake through the hole in the bracket. It doesn’t get much simpler than that huh? 

Per the directions, the stake should be driven six inches into the ground. The stake may need to be pushed further into the ground depending on the soil and how much food or cookware you plan on having on the grill. 

Time to Cook!

After assembling the grill, I could tell that I was going to like it before I even started cooking. The grill can rotate 360 degrees around the stake and is easily raised or lowered.

The first thing that I decided to cook was a bunch of BBQ chicken breasts. I did not have a long brush to apply the sauce and my hands were getting a bit warm over the fire until I remembered that the grill rotates!

The grill can be kept at the same heating level but can rotate to either side of the fire. This is a great feature for briefly removing the food from the heat to further prepare it.

Fallen Food 

I have been grilling for several decades now but food still finds a way to fall off the grill from time to time. I do not like wasting any food but a hot dog falling off is one thing, a good cut of expensive steak is a whole other matter. 

Luckily, the grill comes with a lip that extends around the perimeter to prevent this from happening. Hot dogs are infamous for rolling off a grill, but not anymore!

The Handle

Grills are usually left in one place while you are cooking but this one is designed to be moved around; whether that be from side to side or up and down. 

On the backside of the grill is a large handle with a spiral metal grip. I found the handle to be ergonomic and comfortable. It makes adjusting the grill simple and the best part is that the handle does not get hot or even warm. 

Adjusting the Grill

The grill is held in place by friction between the bracket and the stake. Most of the grill’s weight is towards the front cooking surface so it naturally leans downward in that direction. 

To adjust the grill, you need to press the handle downward to loosen its grip on the stake. If you do not hold onto the front of the grill at the same time, the grill will automatically lower itself. If you want to raise the grill you will need a cooking mitt, hook, or cooking utensil for holding onto and lifting the front portion of the grill. 

How Much Weight Can it Handle?

I have yet to find this grills limit but one of the last meals I cooked on it involved several steaks and a six-pound cut of ham. It handled it without any problems and there was still room left on the cooking surface for more. 

On a separate occasion, the grill did not have any problem supporting my cast iron skillet along with my coffee percolator. 

Carrying Bag 

The bag comes with one large compartment for stowing the grill and on the outside, there is a small pouch that the bottom of the stake slides into. On one side of the bag, there is a Velcro loop for securing the opposite end of the stake. 

I have seen several reviews where people were not happy with the nylon carrying bag for one reason or another. Overall, I do not think the bag is heavy-duty when compared to the grill, but it is good enough for keeping the pieces organized and stowing in a vehicle. The front pocket on my bag already began tearing a bit.

Adjustable Grill and Stake Pros and Cons 


  • Provides a very large cooking surface
  • The grill and stake are easy to set up and takedown
  • The chrome finish allows for quick and easy cleanup
  • The grill rotates 360 degrees and adjusts up and down to regulate cooking temperatures easily and quickly 


  • After several weeks of using this grill, I do not have one negative thing to say about it


Can you put kettles or other cookware on the grill?

Absolutely! As long as the cookware is safe to use for outdoor cooking you can use it on the grill.

What do you do if the grill leans forward?

If the grill is leaning forward, it means one of two things. Either the stake is not far enough into the ground or you have too much weight on the grill.

The first thing I would do is to pound the stake further into the ground. If that does not fix the issue I would suggest reducing the amount of weight on the grill. 

Do you have to use charcoal when cooking with this grill?

Nope. Charcoal is nice to cook with because it provides an even, steady heat source, but I have used both charcoal and wood with great results.

Can the grill be left outside?

It can but I think it is best to put it away after each use. The grill is chrome plated so it will begin to corrode at some point. Since I am using my grill at home, I have been leaving the stake in the ground but putting the grill in the garage after each use.

How do you clean the grill?

I have been cleaning the grill the same way you clean most grills, with a wire brush or scouring pad. 


Being able to adjust the grill in multiple directions while providing a large cooking surface, is what makes this grill stand out over others. I recently had some friends over where I was cooking for almost ten people and this grill allowed me to cook a lot of food at once rather than cooking a little at a time.

Because the grill and stake come apart and pack away compactly, I think this would be a great grill to take on outdoor adventures as long as it is carried by a vehicle. Nobody wants to slug around a ten-pound grill in their pack.

Thus far, I absolutely love this grill and have been using it to cook as many meals as possible, weather permitting. It is a fantastic setup to have over a backyard fire pit and now that the weather is turning nice, I look forward to cooking many more meals over it this summer.

Thanks for reading and get grilling!

If you have any experience with this grill sound off in the comment section below and let us know about it!

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