Best Careers for Living Off-Grid: How to Make Money Living Off-Grid

The entire point of going off-grid is to get away from the rat race that is the city for most people.

If you plan to go off-grid and cut the cord with the rest of the world or simply want to up your income, then changing up the income source may be just what you need. 

Best Careers for Living Off-Grid

I’ve seen so many homesteaders who work a job as a computer tech, for example, which doesn’t exactly fit the picture of the typical person living off-grid. 

There are, however, a few careers that are great to get into if you’re looking to have more flexibility. 

I’m also going to factor in transferable skills, so if, for example, I recommend welding, this skill can be learned via job and used on your property, be it off-grid or full-on homestead.

I’m going to list a few options, some remote and others outdoor-related. Let’s jump straight into it.

Best Off-Grid Careers (Jobs)

Mountain Guide

If you reside in a mountainous area, perhaps consider becoming a mountain guide. It’s one of the most fun, rewarding careers out there. It’s not an easy job, that for sure. 

Mountain Guide

Mountain guides are people who essentially get to guide people through treacherous areas, such as up massive mountains, all the way to the peak, acting as an instructor for mountain climbing, or simply rock climbing. 

If you’re living off-grid, then you are already in the top percent of people skilled in some of these areas. The job has extreme flexibility, as it is client-based. If this piques your interest, you may need certification. 

The AMGA can typically deliver the certificate necessary or certificate required for you, as long as you have the right skills. Mountain guides have a huge responsibility to keep the group safe, so you must be experienced in whichever aspect you’d like to guide. 

The pay is excellent, as a single gig per week can easily keep anyone afloat. It does come with its dangers, though. One trip may consist of merely guiding a group through a forest to reach a particular spot. 

Others may bring extremely low temps and snowstorms, which is a danger in itself. This is a particularly great option if you already possess one of these skills; otherwise, some of them take a few years or more to learn well.


If you take a look at the income range of welders, it’s roughly fifty thousand per year, which isn’t bad, especially if you’re off-grid. There are several reasons to learn the trade, but for starters, the skill is transferable. 


This means that if you ever need anything repaired on your property, such as a tractor wheel, then you could quickly fix this, not to mention, you’d have endless building opportunities, as welding is beneficial for projects.

Welding isn’t hard to get into, I know of many companies that offer paid training in my area, and many do not even require a high school diploma. 

If you consider the transferable skills, job security, salary, benefits, and everything else, you really can’t beat it. If you want to take it to the next level, consider becoming a pipeline welder

These types of welders are known to make up to one hundred thousand dollars every year. The job can be challenging and hot, but if you’re not afraid of that, it pays off without a doubt.

Park Ranger

I’ve thought heavily on this option in the past, and if I hadn’t found my current skill, then I’d likely be in pursuit of becoming a park ranger. There are a few different types of park rangers, each of which has a specific role. The first is a law enforcement only park ranger. 

Park Ranger

These officers mainly enforce the law. Next up are interpretive rangers; they typically educate the visitors about a neat aspect of the park, such as any historical sites or any cool trails in the area which are hugely sought after.

Perhaps a specific trail leads to a breathtaking view. Finally, the most common of the few are general park rangers. 

These individuals do everything from law enforcement, guide groups through the park, which usually collect fees at the entrance, make sure any regulations such as firearm usage is being followed, and more. 

The average salary is roughly forty thousand per year, which isn’t bad, considering you’ll get to spend your time with other like-minded people. It’s not always flexible, but it’s better than sitting in an office, that’s for sure. 

You’ll need to become certified; after all, you’ll be an officer of the law. It’s not as troublesome as it seems though, you can trust in that. However, in some areas, this job can be seasonal, which is something to think about.


This is the best option for those of you who still want to make a full-time income but retain or gain the ability to work from home. I’m a freelancer, so I’m going to speak from a first-hand perspective while sharing common themes I see across the board. 


The most common skills that are needed to freelance are web development, writing, and graphical design. These each require skill, and often, require skill in a particular niche. 

It can take you a little bit to gain new clients, but once you have ongoing clients, there is virtually no need to find more. When I first began writing, it sounded easy, but this is not the case. 

I often find myself working more than I did with a regular full-time job, but it’s the flexibility that takes the win here. 

If you have a project that demands to be done today, perhaps you can finish up work later in the night, or vice versa. 

You’ll need an internet connection and electricity, but otherwise, this is probably the best option if you think learning a new skill is down your alley and worth it to you.

Campground Host

This is an excellent option for anyone getting up in age, or those who have already retired but are looking for some extra income. This job won’t get you rich, but it’s super easy and fun. 

The job typically entails general tasks, such as collecting fees, showing people where to park their RV or tent, enforcing general rules, and showing visitors around the property. 

Some locations will require a little more effort than others, such as keeping the grounds clean and maintained, while in others, you virtually never leave the desk. 

The pay isn’t as high as most of the others listed here, coming in at twenty-five thousand per year, but this is more than enough, mainly if you live off-grid, and even more so if you live on a homestead. 

In some cases, the company may transfer you between locations, but this is rare and dependent upon each company. 

This is perfect, especially if you already possess outdoor skills, and it can be quite an adventure, too. 

Turning Your Property into an Income Source


If you’re determined to be self-employed, then perhaps consider creating a job out of livestock. 

There are several ways to make money, and there are numerous types of animals to choose from, so I’ll cover chickens first. 

Chickens can make you money in several ways; the most popular is by selling their eggs. 

The eggs can be sold for a few dollars per dozen at auctions, farmers markets, mom and pop shops, and by selling them to friends and family — they’ll go quick. 

You could also consider raising them to sell their offspring, which is more lucrative but takes time. 

The most lucrative option is to sell their meat, but this requires a solid processing area, and in many cases, a permit and safety check

If you do opt to sell them for thor meat, know that it will take a while before you make any profits, and remember to consider the cost of feed.


This is always a fun option that doesn’t require as many hoops to jump through as livestock often requires. 

There are a ton of methods to approach this. Some farmers prefer to sell produce such as lettuce, tomatoes, and okra.

Others prefer to plant medicinal herbs, which can be used for several reasons, such as numbing agents, pain reducers, acid reflux control, and more.

You could also consider growing watermelons, which, in my experience, can bring a pretty penny, but this requires a ton of space.

Whichever crops you plan to grow, know that you can sell them at most farmers’ markets very quickly, and I bet they won’t stay on the shelves long.


There isn’t a single thing that’s easier to make money with than beehives. If you shop around and find beehives priced well, you can quickly get into this very cheaply.

Two or three beehives won’t cut it, so you’ll need a hundred or so to make the income worth your time if it’s going to be a significant source of your income.

The honey sells for up to ten dollars per quart in my area, and I know it differs substantially in different areas, but they sell for a pretty penny, that’s for sure.

Considering a hive can make up to 25 quarts of honey per year, depending on the size and how many levels it has, one hundred beehives can net anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five thousand per year.

This isn’t even including the potential profits made from wax, making candles, lip balm, and more. Plus, the honey can be made into flavored candy, selling for much higher profit margins.

Honey can be sold at auctions, farmers markets, mom and pop shops, small grocery stores, and friends and family. 

We did a detailed guide on beekeeping on your homestead.

FAQs about Off The Grid Jobs

Will I Need Any Permits? 

If you intend to go the self-employed route, particularly by using your land to make an income, in some cases, you may need a permit. 

The poultry will more than likely require your processing station to be thoroughly checked by a health and safety expert, and you will need a permit to sell to big box stores.

The beehives and produce will unlikely require a permit, but it’s best to check here; this way, you can get an accurate answer to your local area.

How Many Acres Will I Need?

This is entirely dependent upon which option you opt for. If chickens sound intriguing to you as a significant source of income, you’ll need at least two acres to have enough room for them all.

If you’d like a garden to make you a nice income, then it’ll need to be two to three acres, if not more, depending on how well you’re able to manage space.

The beehives will need even more room because one hundred beehives in an acre, for example, will overrun the property and result in low honey creation.

How Can I Tend To Livestock If I’m Working?

The most helpful way to address this issue is to install automatic feeders and watering systems. 

I’ve used several types of these, and the only complaint I have is that they build up with debris if they’re not cleaned almost daily. 

Otherwise, the livestock should be fine; just make sure there isn’t any way a wild animal could potentially break into the pen.


Off-grid sounds like a very tempting option for many people right now. It’ll save you a ton of money, help the environment, and inevitably lead you to take advantage of mother earth.

Most individuals who go off-grid also want a job or business that can sustain themselves, too. 

There are many options, but I’ve included some that I know are sought after by the off-grid community. 

Remember, some of the choices, such as raising chickens, selling honey, and crops, takes time. 

It may very well take a year or longer until it supports you entirely, but once it does, the sacrifice of time and money will be worth it.

You should consider doing more than one of the noted options because diversity is a massive help in profit farming.

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